Mortgage Due Diligence

EdgeMAC offers loan file reviews and other services to support the purchase, sale and management of residential mortgage assets. We use a combination of proprietary technology and staff expertise to develop custom solutions that help clients make more informed and reliable business decisions.

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Bulk and Flow Trades

Loan file reviews and data analytics on whole populations or targeted segments


Pre and Post Funding reviews provide a comprehensive evaluation of your purchase pipeline via a conduit portal with your branding

Full Back Office Conduit Support

Operational support to help administer conduit operations


We are Rating Agency approved/compliant to perform third party securitization related due diligence

Servicing Boarding Audits

Audits to classify your documentation and validate data for export to servicing system

Trailing Documents

Inventory management, audit and certification, title curative

Portfolio Management

Servicing information review, first and early pat defaults, ARM audits, credit/compliance/appraisal reviews

Repurchase/Rep & Warrant Reviews

Forensic reviews for litigation , Rep & Warrant reviews on whole loans or securities for putback/repurchase

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