Document Management

EdgeMAC offers highly customizable document imaging, indexing and data extraction services. Our services help clients reduce paper and streamline business processes by cataloging documents and providing clean, accurate and uniform information to all areas of their organization.

Indexing produces consistent organization of document images so users can easily navigate them and quickly locate the information they are looking for. By providing access to critical data in a timely manner, your business processes become more efficient and effective. Our domestic BPO services allow clients to manage workflow and headcount while eliminating large capital expenditures for equipment, personnel or technology investments.

Document Management


Digitize paper files regardless of format


Consistent organization of images; plain language to client specifications


Organizes documents your specifications through remote access to your internal systems

Automated Data Extraction

Rapid, efficient extraction and validation of customized data sets from source documents

OCR & Automated Document Recognition

Image Viewer and 24/7 Online Repository

Secure access to your imaged documents anytime/anywhere through our portal

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