Increase productivity with document management services.

Document Management

Does your new budget require you to cut cost and improve efficiencies while not incurring any major capital expenditures?

In a recent survey by Harris Interactive they found document challenges in the workplace account for 21% productivity loss. Companies that are taking advantage of document management solutions are getting that time back to the benefit of the businesses. Workers are spending less time looking for documents and more time putting those documents to work.

Also in the recent IDC information worker survey they found that on average employees are spending 11 hours of wasted time per week because of document issues. Over half of that time is taken up by compiling data from different files into one document and dealing with paper document problems.

If these problems sound familiar it is time for your business to make 2018 the year you solve your document chaos.

It’s time for your business to…

  1. Utilize EdgeMAC to solve your document challenges so you can focus on your company’s core competency.
  2. Eliminate paper handling and storage by going to electronic images for a more efficient workflow, retrieval and storage environment.
  3. Reduce your company’s costs and improve your bottom line by utilizing EdgeMAC’s Doc Management Services…