In 2008, we recognized a need in the industry for a specialized mortgage advisory services company that enabled clients to gain greater visibility into their assets so they could make highly informed decisions about value and risk.

Today, we provide a fresh, innovative approach to due diligence, data and document management, specialized consulting, and other portfolio management support services. Unlike some other firms, we focus solely on the mortgage industry and are committed to employing only U.S. based resources.  Each member of our team has extensive industry and domain expertise.   

Our clients include banks, investment firms, financial guarantors, investors, asset managers, government entities and other financial institutions.

Strategic Vision

The EdgeMAC vision is centered on a robust data‐centric model that provides a more accurate and reliable understanding of the risk and value of assets. A higher level of data capture and quality in the evaluation of the assets:


investment opportunities and mitigates future risk.


the amount and quality of data available to all parties throughout the lifecycle of the 


characteristics that directly correlate to the common triggers of positive and negative 


risk elements that previously were not deemed significant or were misinterpreted by 
the market.